Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lady Gaga as the Surinam Toad

Lady Gaga on German television. Only she would have the balls to look to the Surinam Toad for fashion inspiration. I still think she's a dreamboat though.

From the Honolulu Zoo website:

"With her back near the water surface, the female deposits 60 to 100 eggs. They are fertilized by the male and distributed over the back of the female. Eggs adhere and sink into the sponge-like dorsal skin. Within 24 hours, the female's back begins to swell around the eggs. By 10 days, each egg will be embedded in a chamber, producing a "honeycomb" on female's back. They remain on her back until fully metamorphosed (12 to 20 weeks), then push out through the membranes covering the pockets."

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