Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preen's Houndstooth Onslaught

Mama's a Rolling Stone had this great collage of Preen's Fall RTW Houndstooth onslaught. My mom ran over a turtle with a tractor lawnmower by accident once. It came out the other end looking quite a lot like one of these dresses. Only with a little more blood. I love the eye makeup on the model wearing the fur collared jacket. She looks like she swallowed a jar of thumbtacks she was so embarrassed to walk the stage in that stupid jacket. These dresses don't even care about the bodies inside them. They are just preposterous strips of houndstooth that derive any attention they receive by the mere fact that they are preposterous strips of houndstooth. It's like being hit over the head with a space shuttle.

Here's another one. Looks like she stepped into the Telepod with Brundelfly and ruined her perfectly nice dress. All this jamming scraps of different sized and patterned houndstooth together is absurd. Just like that crappy McQueen houndstooth hobo sack.

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