Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Great Houndstooth Conspiracy

The internet is awash in twisted thoughts on about every single thing that a human being can possibly imagine. These radical ideas can copulate to produce hideous theories and malformations such as this blog. Often in this war effort against the growing menace of houndstooth I feel like a voice in the wilderness who cries out in vain. So it is always nice to touch base with other individuals out there who have independently come to similar conclusions about the enemy pattern.

A comrade-in-arms over at is also just as confused about the houndstooth plague and promotes a stunning new theory regarding its otherworldy origins. Behold The Great Houndstooth Conspiracy

We've seen his subversions before in a post several months back and it is good to see he is still actively chipping away a the foundations of the houndstooth empire.

My theory on houndstooth is a little bit different though. I believe that through particle collision research at CERN, just before being engulfed in a black hole of our own creation, we will discover the Higgs boson scalar elementary particle is shaped like houndstooth. As we are all stretched and shattered into a trillion tiny pieces and sucked through the gaping maw of oblivion people will have just a fraction of a second to flash the thought "Why didn't we listen to the anti-houndstooth warning!" before being redistributed in the great stew of the infinite cosmos.

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