Wednesday, March 11, 2009

McQueen's Distopian Houndstooth Beefeater

Although he may have my favorite job in the world!! he doesn't always have my favorite taste. This is Alexander McQueen's prophecy for some future distopian yeoman warder (yeowoman in this case) standing guard at the gates of bad fashion. I love how these fashion royals always insist on screaming out current trends in the most obnoxious manner possible. Hello McQ! It's 2009! Get over it!!! Houndstooth was dead the moment it left the scottish lowlands. Wrapped up in that duotone barb wire Alla Kostromicheva has every reason to look pissed off.

That being said... the rest of the collection is quite interesting. In a run-down bladerunner replicant love doll kind of way.

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