Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saks Sucking in Vanity Fair

Groooooaaaaan. Found this ad in Vanity Fair this month. How embarrassing! From the plain and grumpy diva in the Dr. Strange cloak to her ridiculous consorts in their dollar store Venetian carnival masks. Flatter lighting than Lagerfeld's worst photo-books. Saks' desperate attempt to soften McQueen's edgy talents thoroughly undermines them and makes these outfits look like discarded costumes from some Von Sternberg B-roll.


  1. The ad is not that bad. Take it down a notch sista. I think it may help the average Jane embrace the wonderful god of design that is McQueen and perhaps prompt her to explore his more daring works. Houndstooth is a glorious pattern—embrace it, don't disgrace it. Bitterness is the worst accessory darling. Looks good on nobody.

  2. I love you Anonymous! I agree with almost everything you say and I love the way you say it! I do need to be more positive in my posts and less of a bitter and bitchy diva. That being said, my anti-houndstooth compulsion is science based and utterly defensible. Spurred on by the Charles Roddam Syndrome Sufferers Community we strive to educate the masses about the impact of the houndstooth pattern on the vestibulo-ocular reflex of CRS patients. We lobby governments, textile manufacturers, and college football teams to use less threatening patterns or, to soften houndstooth's negative effects by reducing its size or trapping it within the confines of a nice Glen plaid.