Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hahnentrittmuster Man

Quebec City has Bonhomme:

London has the Pearly King and Queen:

Munich has the Hahnentrittmuster Man:

The Hahnentrittmuster Man, or Houndstooth Man, roams around Munich's party and bar scene (I found him in the Kultfabrik) making sure everyone has a hellus or dunkel in their hand and is having a good time. His friendly personality lightens the hearts of all partygoers and his houndstooth costume keeps the evening jovial and eccentric. At the end of the night a strange bavarian ceremony takes place where attendees gather to burn effigies of the Hahnentrittmuster Man to ward off evil spirits and hangovers. Bakery shops also sell little cakes made of marzipan and sausage cut into the shape of the Hahnentrittmuster Man. Children take these to school in their lunch buckets but hardly ever eat them.

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