Friday, April 3, 2009

Houndstooth Serviette

There's not much to say in this post. Basically I found an incredibly bizarre set of serviettes with a chicken and houndstooth pattern at Munich airport, went to Munich's Temple Bar in Kultfabrik, and made people hold it while I took photos of them. Although these people are smiling in the photos I'm not sure they were totally happy about posing for the stranger with the chicken serviette. Especially the couple I trapped in the washroom. I kept pointing out to them that it was a serviette with a chicken and two houndstooth patterns and I'd laugh and laugh and point at the serviette again and again but they didn't seem to get the joke. It's all in good fun though, right? The guy with the 'almost mullet' had a wicked jacket on. I tried to do a trade for the serviette but he quite rightly refused.

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  1. I am pleased that you have not yet been arrested.