Monday, April 27, 2009

Houndstooth to the Dogs

Interesting houndstooth item on display at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen's "Thread Count" exhibit. From an article by Clausia W. Esbenshade on the Lancaster Online:

One of the more unusual pieces in the exhibit may require a second glance. The beige and chocolate woven scarf created by Amy Turner of Doylestown uses spun hair from Bernese mountain dogs and Golden Retrievers. The classic houndstooth twill woven scarf, appropriately named "Paws for Consideration," is the result of many hours of work and measures about 75 inches in length. "(The hair is) the undercoat of the dog, so the softness is amazing," Turner said. "I do clean it with some lemon juice to eliminate any doggie smell."

She could also try bleaching it.

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  1. It is beautiful! the color match and the pattern are really nice.