Monday, May 4, 2009

Lady Gaga Houndstooth

Lady Gaga makes houndstooth a centerpiece of her elaborately costumed live show as revealed in these photos from the Daily Mail. For choosing to wear houndstooth she should now hide that poker face... in shame!

I love how this Daily Mail report is so obsessed about the progressive wearing and tearing of her fishnets during the show. It basically provides a schedule. At 7pm Lady Gaga hits the stage. At 7:15pm a 2 inch tear on her left knee is visible. At 7:38pm a 4 inch hole occurs on her right buttock, etc. Only a creep would be taking notes like that during a show. At least when I do it I do it discretely and the black Luis Vuitton New York edition travel notebooks are neatly catalogued and stored in a large vault in the concrete foundations of my home. The notebooks are then scanned at 300dpi and the resulting OCR PDFs are stored on a Dunhill JPF8805H 8 Gig USB drive embellished with 272 black diamonds. I carefully wrap the Dunhill drive in a bruise coloured velvet cloth and place it in the mummified mouth of the Marquise of Mausoleum number 719. Somewhat to the right of Gaspar Monge's grave in Pere Lachaise is where I expect one day to return to claim my precious data.

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