Friday, May 22, 2009

Pointy Shoes Rant I

On the big site of amazing facts:

"Pointed shoes originated in France, reportedly the invention of a Count of Anjou who wished to hide his deformed hooves. To assure that the peasantry did not ape the aristocrats, the twelfth-century French king Philip Augustus decreed that the points of his subjects' souliers should be between six and twelve inches long, depending upon one's station.

But the rush toward outlandishly long shoes went on unabated. Fashionable shoes were soon so long that their toes had to be stuffed to prevent the wearer from constantly tripping over the ends. In the fourteenth century, the points of shoes grew to such monstrous lengths that some had to be fastened to the wearer's leg just below the knee.

The clergy objected vehemently to the fashion, claiming that the long-pointed shoes prevented the faithful from kneeling in church. In many communities, shoe-point length was eventually limited by law to about two inches."

Ming Jung Kim has always had a fascination with pointy shoes. She has always wanted to belong to the 'Pointy Shoes Girl' club. I want to let her know that some people see that club in a different light. In fact, most of the male friends (the ones I trust re: style, not the other ones) are dead set against the pointy toe on women's shoes. To take it one step further... they loathe it and consider it a major turn-off. I couldn't agree more.

I feel a rant coming on. I'm going to need to really contemplate this subject thoroughly so I'll be spending some time in ladies shoe stores examining shoes. More time than usual anyway. It is such a sensitive issue and I've had a multitude of violent debates with women on this subject. It seems many of them consider the point toed shoe sacred. But i have one rule of thumb. If you can stuff moss into the toes of your shoes (think of all that wasted real estate!) then the shoes belong to the dark ages. Or you are an elf.

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