Saturday, May 16, 2009

Structured Shoulders Part II

If RNSSNC was a girl he would wear Balmain. He is a staunch defender of the deformed shoulder look. And though I do agree with him that Balmain is not without merit my real concern is the gimmicky nature of their clothing. I found the above in the May Vogue and I just had to post it. For me it constitutes definitive proof that the Balmain shoulders are a disaster in the real world. These girls, all beautiful girls, look radically deformed.

And the tired band-leader-circus-freak jackets are so frustratingly ridiculous they detract from any of the respect I can muster for the recent line. My local community theatre couldn't even use this stuff for a rushed production of The Music Man! Sgt. Pepper called, he wants his bad taste back. And I agree Rihanna looks pretty stunning in just about anything but tell me she and her Balmain jacket aren't auditioning as a backup dancer in an 80s Michael Jackson video. Harsh. The look just doesn't work. I thought Coldplay proved that.

RNSSNC, if you really want to dress like the mistress of a Russian oligarch channelling a Vegas cocktail waitress and a lion tamer then Balmain is for you. But I personally think you'd look better in Fall 2009 Hermes RTW.

And don't get me started on Balenciaga. They've been dressing their girls to look like grandmother's sofa complete with padded shoulders for armrests.

Who loves ya baby? Peace out.

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